When function and beauty meet, great things are bound to happen.

Parents have a handful of important furniture choices to make for their nurseries. One of the most important is the dresser. A good dresser saves space, holds plenty, tucks away what you don’t want on display, and, if you’re especially lucky, doubles as a changing table and elevates the design of the room.

With the launch of the brand new, ultra-practical, and undeniably beautiful Central Park Dresserdadada Baby just made the dresser shopping decision a whole lot easier for Fall 2022 new parents.

Like its namesake open greenspace in the city, the Central Park Dresser’s classic mid-century 3-drawer design is a breath of fresh air. A mix of drawers and open shelving allows parents to organize baby’s clothes, diaper supplies, and toys in a way that’s most functional and appealing for their unique family. Parents can store high-use (or just particularly adorable) items like diapers, wipes, and onesies in easy-to-access wire baskets (sold separately). As baby grows, the same baskets provide easy access to toddler toys or I-can-dress-myself clothing choices.

In keeping with dadada Baby’s commitment to baby’s safety as the first priority, the Central Park Dresser is designed for stability and strength alongside its good looks. Angled legs and internal forged steel support provide extra resistance against toppling, and deep drawers offer ample storage and help protect tiny fingers. Baby-safe finishes meet and exceed industry standards for environmental wellness, and the assembly instructions are simple to follow and easy to complete on your own - no wrestling a fully assembled dresser into the back of your car!

The Central Park Dresser pairs beautifully with the Soho 3-in-1 Crib and is at home in the nursery, the living room, or anywhere else families need both storage and style.

About dadada Baby:

Dadada Baby believes that modern parents desire and deserve the opportunity to invest in furniture that aligns with their values. With over 80 years of experience in the furniture industry, dadada Baby cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs are crafted in Italy with all the beauty and care of classic Italian design, merged with a modern sensibility, baby-safe technology, and eco-awareness that make them the perfect timeless purchase for today’s parents and caretakers. In a culture becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of disposable, poorly constructed products, dadada Baby pieces provide an opportunity for families to make an eco-minded investment without compromising on style.

Products are available for order now online at a variety of independent retail establishments or visit www.dadadababy.com to find a retailer closest to you.