When it comes to babies, they say the days are long, but the years are short.

In what feels like no time at all, that precious newborn is crawling, then babbling, and then suddenly the toddler years are in full swing! For baby furniture retailer dadada Baby, supporting parents through every phase of their little one’s life is a top priority. This month, they’re celebrating the launch of two brand new toddler products designed to make those rough-and-tumble toddler years a bit smoother, a bit more stylish, and a bit more fun for young families everywhere. 

First up is a new complement to the Muse Toddler Bed, the Muse Bookshelf - the perfect addition to help grow-up the nursery. Keep toddler’s most precious items within easy reach on topple-safe, sturdy, and stylish shelves. Sweet solid wood legs with artisan joints add a natural craftsman flair to the classic white finish, and three strong, accessible height shelves are ready to fill with toddler treasures. It’s a sleek, modern piece built to withstand the tough love that toddlers give their furniture, and stay with the family for generations to come.

The transition to toddler comes with lots of new opportunities and wants. Suddenly, little ones want to help, touch, see, and experience everything the grown-ups are up to! To help them participate with ease, dadada Baby is introducing the Toddler Tower! Crafted with the same quality construction as their cribs and dressers, the Toddler Tower is built to help growing little ones safely and securely reach tabletops for craft time, countertops to explore new tastes, and sinks to practice handwashing and teeth-brushing with self- sufficient ease.

With easy-to-adjust steps to reach a variety of heights, baby-safe finishes, and a collection of playful, adorable colors, the Toddler Tower is a must-have for baby’s next exploratory phase.

New parenthood comes with a lot of decisions to make. dadada Baby makes those decisions just a little less daunting for new families by providing beautiful furniture for every phase and every style, with construction and finishes that prioritize baby’s safety above everything else. Check out the new additions to their Toddler Collection, as well as the variety of nursery collections available, at www.dadadababy.com

About dadada Baby: 

Dadada Baby believes that modern parents desire and deserve the opportunity to invest in furniture that aligns with their values. With over 80 years of experience in the furniture industry, dadada Baby cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs are crafted in Italy with all the beauty and care of classic Italian design, merged with a modern sensibility, baby-safe technology, and eco-awareness that make them the perfect timeless purchase for today’s parents and caretakers. In a culture becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of disposable, poorly constructed products, dadada Baby pieces provide an opportunity for families to make an eco-minded investment without compromising on style.


Products are available for order now online at a variety of independent retail establishments or visit www.dadadababy.com to find a retailer closest to you.