For years, maybe decades, nursery design has centered around the pastel and pretty.

Forward thinking brand dadada Baby believes that modern, style-savvy parents are craving new options for nursery decor that suit their personal style. “Style shouldn’t end the moment you walk into the nursery,” says dadada Baby’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Valerie Swift, “and no parent should ever have to choose between safe, quality furniture or design that brings them joy.”

This summer, dadada Baby is backing up their belief with a bold new finish option, starting with two of their most popular cribs: black.

“People are less afraid to decorate with dark, bold shades than they used to be. And black is an extremely versatile color in a nursery. Parents can use the new black finish Austin or Soho 3-in-1 Convertible cribs as the design starting point for a bright, pop-color nursery, a moody dark modern floral theme, or timelessly classy and super luxe black, white, and gold theme.”

dadada Baby’s first priority is always safety. The new black finish is in line with this commitment - baby-safe, durable, easy-to-clean, and tested to meet and exceed the highest industry standards for environmental wellness. These durable cribs are designed to grow with baby, from secure newborn sleeps to teething toddler nibbles. When little ones are ready to transition to a big kid bed, both the Austin and Soho Crib transform into a toddler bed with the addition of the dadada Baby conversion kit.

“At the end of the day, it’s about two things: confidence and versatility. We want parents to feel 100% confident that they’ve made a choice that’s good for their baby, good for the environment, and built to last. We also want them to have the freedom they need to design the nursery of their dreams - and that means giving them some great finish options to choose from.”

This is only the first wave of dadada Baby’s dark design offerings - keep an eye out for more pieces released in the new black finish over the next few seasons.

How will you style your beautifully dark, modern Austin or Soho Crib?

About dadada Baby:

Dadada Baby believes that modern parents desire and deserve the opportunity to invest in furniture that aligns with their values. With over 80 years of experience in the furniture industry, dadada Baby cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs are crafted in Italy with all the beauty and care of classic Italian design, merged with a modern sensibility, baby-safe technology, and eco-awareness that make them the perfect timeless purchase for today’s parents and caretakers. In a culture becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of disposable, poorly constructed products, dadada Baby pieces provide an opportunity for families to make an eco-minded investment without compromising on style.

Products are available for order now online at a variety of independent retail establishments or visit to find a retailer closest to you.