Summer is here! We’re basking in the Vitamin D, soaking up the glow, and ready for all the BBQs, birthday parties, and baby showers this season has to offer.

Baby’s first summer is full of magic, as well as a few challenges. Whether you’re stocking up your own nursery for summer adventures, expecting a late summer little one, or hoping to shower a pregnant friend with the perfect summer-themed baby gift, we’ve got a few favorite things to share that will solve some baby-summer woes and provide a pretty spectacular level of cute along the way.

A few simple things to remember as you head into summer:

Vitamin D is amazing, but sunburn happens fast – keep those hats and sunnies on hand, and seek out shade for newborns.
EVERYONE needs to stay hydrated. 50% more liquid for you and for little one. Drink up, loves!
The days are long (the longest of the year!) but the moments fly by – don’t forget to capture every precious summer #dadadamoment with you little one and share the pics with us!

Here’s our list of favorite baby items to get or give this summer:

Sun protection: check. Next-level cuteness: check again. Monica + Andy’s tropical leaf print is perfection, and the long sleeves and UPF 50+ rated fabric let new parents relax and enjoy their beach day without too much sun exposure stress.
A trip to the beach with baby is an all-day event. This sweet nautical pop-up shade creates a tiny campsite for baby to play, explore, and nap safe from the midday sun.
How much do we adore GoumiKids’ “You Are Loved” bedding set? Made from quality organic bamboo viscous and cotton, it’s reliably cool and breathable for warm summer nights and covered in the sweetest bedtime affirmations.
We’re loving the modern design on this machine washable swim diaper, whose fitted legs and waistband promise fewer leaks and comfier splashes. Remember: swim diapers are designed to keep solids in, but let liquids through, so wait until just before you jump in the water to swap baby out of their usual diaper!
For the places a stroller can’t go, you’ll want a comfortable baby carrier that’s made to stay cool. LILLEbaby’s Pursuit Sport is made from moisture-wicking athletic fabric (like your favorite pair of running shorts) to keep things dry and comfortable for both you and baby while you explore.
Sunscreens aren’t the best option for babies less than 6 months old, so you’ll want a sunbonnet that stays in place and offers a good amount of coverage. We love the summer stripes on this wide-brimmed option from GoumiKids, made from baby-safe fabrics and ready for the brightest day in the park.
With sunshine yellow butterflies and the lightweight breathability that summer nights demand, this sleep bag from Kyte Baby is pretty much a guarantee for sweet dreams. Splurge on the matching bows, bibs, blankets, or caps for a complete sunny set!
What could possibly be more precious that a baby in cool-kid shades? Eye protection is important, especially for sensitive newborns, and Weefarers classic shades are reliable, durable protection with a fantastically chic, classic cool.
Summer night snuggles can be on the warm side. The Weeble Rocker’s sleek profile and tweedy texture give you and baby a little extra room to breathe while you rock, and make sure your seat is never sticky, sweaty, or anything but sweet.
We follow the experts’ advice to wait until 6 months or older to introduce sunscreen. Once baby has met that milestone, you’ll want a mineral-based full-spectrum sunscreen that goes on easy, stays on well, and doesn’t make too much mess. Thinkbaby’s SPF 50+ protection is a win, and we love its lightweight texture. Just remember: sunscreen is a backup plan, not a first line of defense. Keep your little one protected with hats and sleeves!
What are your summer plans? Headed to a baby shower, or taking baby on their first family vacation? However you plan to get out there, we hope you find long days of good laughter, firefly nights full of fun, and memories you’ll cherish forever.
Sending you all our summer love!