Temperatures are climbing, and as they do, a lot of us are finding it harder to sleep.

As a first time parent, you’re probably wondering how the heat will affect your little one and their (let’s face it, pretty fragile and SUPER necessary) sleep schedule.
You’re right to wonder! Heat is a major factor in good, safe, healthy baby sleep, and keeping your baby cool during these warm summer months might mean the difference between peaceful nights and long, sweaty pre-dawn battles.
We want you to enjoy every #dadadamoment of your baby’s first summer, and since nurseries are sort of our thing, we’ve assembled this list of our favorite tips and tricks to keep the nursery sleep-friendly when the nights get warm.
Here’s what we know:
Babies have a sweet spot.
According to experts, a room temperature somewhere between 62-72 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal for babies. With tempertures in this range, baby shouldn’t need much bedding – a lightweight sleep sack or muslin swaddling blanket and a diaper should keep them comfortable. Some parents choose to invest in a nursery thermometer to keep track of baby’s specific environment, or set the household thermostat to maintain baby’s perfect temp for everyone.
No AC? Use what you’ve got!
Install blackout curtains and keep them (along with windows) closed during the day to keep the nursery as cool as possible. At night, open the windows for maximum airflow and use a fan or two to keep the things moving. Don’t worry about the noise – most babies love the white noise a fan makes! Just make sure not to aim fans directly at your little one. For very hot days, a bowl of ice or frozen water bottle placed in front of a fan can function as a makeshift swamp cooler. If you notice baby seems extra warm, use a damp (not cold) washcloth to wipe down their skin – the slight wetness will cool them down as it evaporates.
Hydration matters.
The hotter it gets, the easier it is for baby to dehydrate and overheat. Make sure little ones are getting enough to drink during the day, and don’t hesitate to go off a feeding schedule a bit if baby seems thirsty. Babies can drink around 50% more in hot weather than they do the rest of the year, so make sure you’re offering enough to keep them satisfied and are seeing plenty of wet diapers!
Natural bedding breathes best.
If you live somewhere warm, it might be worth it to invest in a crib sheet and sleep sack made from a natural, breathable material. Bamboo, with its cool touch and impeccable softness, is a great choice for little ones. Linen sheets are a good option for sweaty little ones. If nothing else, 100% cotton is a smart and safe go to for anything near baby while they sleep.
Skin-to-skin helps newborns regulate.
On especially hot nights, cool your own body down with a cold shower or air-conditioned space, then hold newborns skin-to-skin on your chest. Your body temperature will help to regulate theirs – just take a break if you start feeling too warm yourself!
Do you have a sleep solution?
We would love to hear your solutions to sleep problems, baby and parent alike. Get featured on #dadadamoments and be entered to win one of our regular giveaways.
We’re wishing you peaceful, dreamy sleep this summer, and all the energy you need to explore the beautiful sunshine with your precious new love!