It takes a village to raise a child – a team of hands to shelter, wisdom to guide, hearts to love. It takes a network of supportive friends, family, and community members. It takes smiles from strangers, coffee made by capable hands, lessons passed down by dedicated teachers, neighbors who watch over and care and wave hello. 


It takes all of us, working together to lift each other up.

And for those of us who work hard every day to make sure your child has a beautiful, restful room of their own to come home to, a Village is exactly what it takes to make sure you have all the options you need.


We’re thrilled to introduce the newest member of our Soho furniture collection!

The Village 3-Drawer Dresser is our most streamlined offering yet, with the minimalist beauty of three slim drawers cleverly crafted to glide soundlessly and store everything you and baby need. Our team has gone above and beyond to make sure it’s sturdy and durable, because it takes a village to keep our little ones safe. We’ve completed The Village with the same artful attention we pay all of our pieces – it’s designed to last, and to blend seamlessly into your mid-century or modern aesthetic through the baby years and well beyond.

Whether you are parenting surrounded by a village of your own, or going it alone and wrestling with feeling isolated in an already stressful time, we want you to know you are ALWAYS welcome to be a part of our village. Though we’re still a brand-new baby company ourselves, we’re working hard to build community for the parents we’re here to support. Find us on Instagram at @dadadababyusa, share your baby’s magical dadada moments with us, and please never hesitate to reach out so we can celebrate with you.


It takes a village. We’re honored to be part of yours.