Here are 5 fresh ideas to celebrate a dad who maybe isn't a tie-guy and doesn't love to golf.

Father’s Day can be a lot of the same-old same-old gift ideas. But what if the new dad in your life isn’t a big golfer, or doesn’t have time to grill, or hasn’t worn a tie since 2019? What if, between showers and post-baby presents, he already has every single piece of baby gear he could possibly need?
It’s not always easy to juggle a device and a new baby. The GoDonut is a super simple, small, and magically versatile phone or tablet holder that can give dad an extra hand for all that late-night scrolling or baby-holding Netflix binging he’ll be doing this first year. It’s spill proof and break proof enough to toss in the diaper bag, and might be EXACTLY the thing the new dad you love needs.
Nursing moms aren’t the only ones who function best with enough water in their systems. New dads need all the help they can get to feel their best, and with an estimated 75% of humans not drinking enough water, it’s a safe bet that a little hydration help might be in order. Ulla attaches to a water bottle and lights up when it’s time to sip – one less thing for new dads to remember, one more gulp in the direction of good health!
Sleep is scarce for all new parents. Help the new dad in your life drift off a little easier (when he has the chance, that is) with Dodow, a sleek little device that uses therapeutic light to induce sleep. It’s just the ally he’ll need when those baby cries bounce him out of dreamland over and over again. Every minute of sleep is precious – let’s make sure he doesn’t miss a single one.
Messy new parent mornings can spell doom for coffee-loving dads. A fresh cup is cold by the time he gets to drink it, and sleep-deprived brains are excellent at abandoning reheated cups in the microwave. Ember solves the problem with a wireless heated mug that keeps coffee at the perfect, customized temperature for over an hour. He’ll get the caffeine he needs at the quality level he deserves.
Whether he’s listening to music, podcasts, or audiobooks, wireless earphones with a long-lasting charge that he can count on are a new dad survival MUST. Powerbeats Pro earphones mean no wires to get tiny baby hands tangled in, no long silences while he tries to stay awake and rock baby to sleep at the same time, and all the bragging rights with his tech-savvy pals. It’s a gift that will be useful in dad life without making him feel like “dad” is his only identity from here on out.
Whatever you decide to get him for Father’s Day, don’t forget that the first year of parenting is overwhelming, exhausting, magical, frustrating, and joyful for just about everybody. Remind him how essential and how deeply loved he is this Father’s Day. Celebrate everything he’s doing right, and help him be at his best so he can appreciate every precious #dadadamoment as it comes.
Happy Father’s Day, Dads! We’re so very grateful for you.