When it comes to designing a nursery, you’ve got great priorities.

You want to create a space that’s safe and restful. You want functional storage and room for your little one to grow. You want products with great reviews that you can pass along to a younger sibling, or maybe even your grandkids someday.

We want those things for you, too! But all that practicality, function, and durability doesn’t need to come at the expense of your personal style! With more nursery decor options on the market than ever, you can mix and match baby products with mainstream design finds to create a nursery that not only functions well, but makes you feel like yourself every time you walk through the door.

Your nursery can be practical, purposeful, and also REALLY fun. But what if the ABCs, modern florals, and woodland critters trending on Pinterest aren’t really your thing? You might need to get creative and embrace an eclectic theme that truly suits your family’s vibe.

The formula is simple:

  • Start by making a list of things you love. You can list anything, from gardening to vintage cars, 70s funk music to The Great Gatsby. All that matters is it brings you joy!
  • Once you’ve got your list, see what jumps out at you as a potentially fun nursery theme. Vintage toy cars on a shelf? That might be adorable! 70s funk inspired crib sheets? Bet Google will turn something up! Narrow it down to one or two options.
  • Now it’s time to do a little furniture shopping. You’re looking for clean-lined, well made, mostly neutral pieces (a crib, a dresser, a rocking chair) that, with a little embellishment, will fit right in with your unique-to-you theme without being too on the nose. When you find the right crib and dresser, you’ll know - and they’ll probably help you finalize your theme. 
  • Be uniquely fearless. Don’t worry too much about what’s trending - just go from your gut, play with your theme, and start collecting finds until you’ve got a nursery that feels exactly right for your family.

To get your wheels turning and inspiration flowing, here are three out-of-the-box nursery themes we love, as well as some shopping lists to get you exploring!

Joshua Tree 

nursery inspo joshua tree mood board

Artsy and natural, with a focus on the handmade, the creative, and a deep love for the desert, a Joshua Tree nursery theme is a surefire way to craft a calming space that radiates positive energy.

Start with the dadada baby 3-in-1 Convertible Austin crib - its natural beechwood finish is the perfect base for a nursery that celebrates the outdoors. Pair with the Austin dresser (which doubles as a changing table), and start to layer in accessories in warm, desert-toasted neutrals. Paint the walls in warm beige, terracotta, barely-there faded green, or dusty mauve, or consider a simple sunset or desert mountain mural. Mix in handwoven baskets for storage, a western print rug, a few sweet cactus prints or pillows, and a stuffed jackrabbit or coyote for snuggly desert magic 

1960s Space Odyssey 

Got a little explorer on your hands? Atomic stars and Jetsons-inspired space craft make for a fun twist on mid-century modern design and give you the opportunity to play with a color palette that isn’t super common for nurseries.

Use the dadada baby Chicago Collection as your foundation - the fun circle drawer pulls and crib details are a great start on the geometric patterns that populate the 1960s’ vision of the future. From there, add a pop of retro wallpaper - we love this one from Spoonflower, or these (much more subtle) atomic stars. This nursery design is all about being playful, so don’t hesitate to add in joyful details, like a retro-inspired lamp or even a neon flying saucer. Sweet astronaut accents, astronaut stuffed animals,  bright art prints, and a bold rug complete the look - it’s a fun flashback into another era that’s bound to feel fresh and new in your nursery.

Dream of the 90s
nursery inspo dream of the 90's mood board


If you’ve been to, well, just about any store lately, you’ve probably noticed that the 90s are back in a big way. Think lots of plaid, baby florals, framed concert tickets, music stores, and video games - the possibilities are endless!

To turn this trending decade into a gorgeously stylish nursery, start with dadada baby’s 3-in-1 Convertible Kenton crib. Its graphic black and white details are the perfect beginning, especially when paired with the matching Kenton dresser. From there, find a crib bedding set that truly embodies the spirit of the 90s - maybe this grunge-era plaid, or these playful daisies. Remember: when it comes to crib bedding, all you need is a fitted sheet - everything else will only get in baby’s way, and disrupt airflow while they sleep. Add some playful details, like this 90s arcade wall art or this unapologetically on-theme rug, which will have you singing baby to sleep with the Saved By The Bell theme song in no time. Want something a little more subtle? How about this adorable, personalizable mixtape rug, or this timeless checkered pattern? For practical pieces like storage boxes and hangers, lean into 90s textures: play up the grunge rock feel with leather or metal bins and drawer organizers, or build a pop paradise closet with spunky bright colored hangers.

Maybe one of these themes will be the inspiration for your perfect, uniquely-you nursery, or maybe they’ll just get you dreaming about other out-of-the-box nursery themes you can create on your own! However you decide to decorate, don’t forget to have a little fun. By choosing furniture pieces with stylish modern lines in classic neutrals, you gain the freedom to play with paint, accessories, and fabrics without fear - you can always update the details as baby grows or your taste changes. Don’t hesitate to put together a nursery that makes you smile.

After all, you’ll be spending quite a bit of time changing diapers and rocking your little one at all hours of the night - you may as well do it surrounded by beauty and joy.

Wishing you the most decorating fun!