So, you’re having a baby! Congratulations!

As you’ve probably discovered by now, those long months of waiting for baby to arrive are FULL of important decisions. From baby’s birth to what you’ll feed them, where to register to who to invite to the shower, many new parents wind up experiencing some serious decision fatigue. So today, we’re here to make one of those decisions simple: let’s decide where baby should sleep!

Here at dadada Baby, we’re big fans of the convertible crib. A convertible crib is a three-for-one solution that starts as a standard crib, then converts to a toddler or day bed when baby is ready to transition. And there’s a long list of reasons why choosing a convertible crib over a traditional, single-use crib might be the right decision for your family! Here are just a few:

  1. Long-term value. A convertible crib may cost slightly more than a single-use option up front, but it’s an investment that will save you money in the long run. Instead of needing to purchase a second bed just 18-24 months into baby’s life, you’ll be able to make the crib-to-toddler transition with just the low-cost addition of a conversion kit. Being able to purchase just one piece of furniture that functions as crib, toddler bed, and daybed means you won’t have to worry about buying new bed furniture for the duration of your little one’s childhood - leaving more room in the budget for fun sheets, adorable decor, and toys!
  2. Less waste. It’s no secret that we’re a planet in a crisis of waste. With tons of disposable, poorly made furniture finding its way to our limited landfills, a convertible crib is an investment towards a greener future. Using a single piece of quality-built, heirloom-ready furniture from birth on through generations is a sustainable, and stylish, way to protect the future for our children. Look for a convertible crib with timeless design, baby-safe finishes, and high standards for construction and stability.
  3. Small-space friendly. The alternative to adding your outgrown crib into the landfill? Placing it in storage. Even collapsed into parts and pieces, a crib takes up a LOT of storage space. A convertible crib solves that problem, keeping your child’s bed in the bedroom until it’s ready to be handed down to another family member.
  4. An easier transition. For some toddlers, the move from crib to toddler bed is an easy and exciting one. But for others, saying goodbye to their crib is hard, and an unfamiliar toddler bed creates anxiety instead of cultivating rest. A convertible crib solves this problem by surrounding a new experience in the familiar shapes and textures of their old crib. It’s a beautiful way to make the transition to big kid bed just a little gentler.

Feel like a convertible crib might be the right fit for your family? Here are our top three things to consider while you shop:

  1. Choose a crib that keeps on growing. Our convertible cribs start ready for newborns, grow with your baby as they learn to sit and stand, use the same crib mattress to convert to toddler bed when your little one is ready, and ultimately convert to daybeds for lots of years of childhood use.
  2. Choose quality construction. You’re investing in a piece of furniture that will be with your family for years, maybe even generations. Look for solid wood, reliable hardware, and a commitment to quality that will last.
  3. Choose a timeless style. With a convertible crib, you’ll want to steer clear of fads and trends and opt for timeless design elements that will never go out of style. Clean lines, natural finishes, trustworthy neutrals, or classic colors that you know you’ll always love - prioritizing these elements will give you the flexibility to change your child’s room decor as their preferences change, and make sure you get the most out of your investment.

Curious about our convertible cribs? You can find our collection here.