Ah, teething. Kicking in with a vengeance around six months of age, it’s one of the first inevitable marathons new parents face. All that chewing, drooling, and sleeplessness can be a big disrupter of routines and plans, not to mention, well, a bit of a mess. Suddenly, everything is teeth marked and soggy, and you’re busy day and night trying to make sure your little one is comfortable and safe. 

And that new dadada baby crib that you love so much? It’s under attack from a tiny (adorable!) chewing machine. 

Before you stress about the mess, the future of your furniture, and the safety of your tiny chew factory, here are a few things you should know when your child turns your crib into a chew toy. 

Our finishes are baby-safe.

When we say baby-safe, we mean it. The materials, finishes, and paints we use on dadada baby products are thoroughly tested to make sure they won’t do your little one any harm. Our Greenguard GOLD certification means we meet and exceed the highest standards around the world for non-toxicity, little to no off-gassing, and durability. In short - chewing on our cribs is not going to hurt your baby.

Try a silicone bumper.

Even though baby is likely perfectly safe, it might be a good idea for everyone to protect your crib for a while during this phase. Non-toxic, chew-proof silicone bumpers are a good temporary solution. Your best bet is oversized - wide enough to keep baby from being able to get a good comfy bite on the crib rails - fully removable, with no leftover sticky goo, and customizable so you can trim them to be exactly the length you need. Just make sure they are securely attached to ONLY the very top of crib rails, don’t interfere with airflow, and are specifically made to be baby-teething safe!

Give plenty of options!

A great way to discourage teething on the furniture? Make sure lots of better teething options are available! Different babies have different preferences when it comes to teething toys. Some like to chew on soft toys, some prefer wood, some love the cooling magic of frozen options, and some dig the squish of silicone. Get your baby a few different options, see what they gravitate toward, and then make sure one of their favorites is always on hand whenever they need to chew.

Remember: teething happens to everybody. Your baby won’t be the first, or the last, to find some relief by nibbling on the edges of their crib - it’s practically a rite of passage. Your dadada baby crib was designed and crafted with those tiny teeth marks in mind. And we hope that by doing our piece of the preparation ahead of time with baby-safe finishes and solid construction, we can offer you what we know new parents need most - restful, confident peace of mind.