Your baby’s safety is ALWAYS our number one priority.

So you can imagine how thrilled we are to announce that global safety science leader UL has awarded our line of sustainably crafted cribs the GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certifications, recognizing our adherence to the world’s most rigorous chemical emissions standards. We’ve been committed to using only the best, safest materials and finishes for your baby from the beginning, and we’re honored to have the certification to prove it!

When it comes to making safe choices for baby’s crib, most parents are familiar with the basics – keep crib bedding minimal, maximize airflow, make sure crib slats aren’t too far apart. But the effect of chemical finishes on baby’s well being is a little less easy to navigate. According to UL, “The majority of everyday chemical exposure in people occurs through the air we breathe in our homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments. These airborne chemicals are commonly referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are used to manufacture and maintain building materials, interior furnishing, cleaning products and personal care products.”

That’s why we’re big fans of the GREENGUARD program! GREENGUARD exists to help parents, and other consumers, understand how to make the best indoor environmental health choices for their families. All products submitted for GREENGUARD certification are subject to rigorous testing and investigation of the manufacturing process. Certification is awarded to products with low or non-existent chemical emissions that foster a healthy indoor environment - especially important in the first precious months of your newborn’s homecoming.

dadada’s goal has always been to ensure parents have sustainable options that are modern, stylish, and heirloom quality, because home should look AND feel good. Receiving the honor of both GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD GOLD certification makes it even easier for you to be confident that by choosing our products, you aren’t just choosing great style, but also making an investment in good health for the entire family.

As you shop for your nursery, look for the GREENGUARD Certification label on the products you consider, and insist on sustainable materials, hardwoods, and lead-and-phthalate-free finishes. The companies behind the products that cradle, carry, feed, and entertain your baby should be just as invested in their safety as you are. We applied for GREENGUARD certification in support of our belief that you deserve to celebrate every one of baby’s milestone moments with peace of mind that their nursery environment is as healthy and toxin-free as it is irresistibly adorable. A little extra assurance goes a long way, and we’re so happy to partner with GREENGUARD to offer that extra assurance to you from now on.

Here’s to sleeping sweetly in your chem-free nursery air!