Imagine with us for a second: you (the rightfully exhausted parent of a toddler) have just gone to the store to purchase a new dresser for the nursery. You’ve shopped for an hour, loaded the box in the car, and made it home. After a quick snack break, you dive in to assemble your new piece of furniture, and even though it’s simpler to put together than you thought, by the time you get it put together, you’ve done quite enough doing for the day. And the only thing you want to do now is fill the drawers with cute baby clothes and go to bed. 

We get it. We SO get it. But before you fill your new dresser, there is an ESSENTIAL step that you must take - maybe the most important step of all: the anti-tip safety kit installation.

It’s easy for parents to rationalize skipping this step, especially after a long day of doing. “What are the odds? I keep an eye on my kid and they don’t really play in the nursery,” you might think. Maybe “We don’t have earthquakes here, I’m sure it’ll be fine” or “it’s just a low piece, I’m sure it’ll be stable” or even “I don’t want to damage my wall.” As of 2018, Consumer Reports found that only 27% of Americans reported using the anchors that came with their furniture. That means a whopping 73% decided not to take this extra safety step.

Even though we pride ourselves on building furniture pieces that are as sturdy and stable as possible, the anti-tip safety kit is absolutely necessary for each of our dressers and bookshelves. So, if those thoughts come into your head and you think about walking away before you secure your anti-tip kit, we hope you’ll hear us in your head, too - loudly yelling “STOP!” Because though furniture tipping accidents have slowly started to decrease in recent years, around 18,000 Americans wound up in the emergency room in 2020 as the result of furniture or a TV tipping onto them.

Over half of those Americans were children.

Since 2000, 581 tip-over fatalities have taken place in the US - and 4 out of 5 of those deaths were kids. And while those numbers are jarring, and scary, the most important fact is that furniture tipping accidents are entirely preventable. Most anti-tip kits cost less than $20 and can be secured in fewer than 20 minutes. It’s a small investment of time that leads to a BIG return - the peace of mind knowing that your little one can play safely around furniture.  

And if you purchased your dresser or bookshelf from dadada Baby, it’s even easier to keep little ones safe. Our anti-tip safety kit is included with purchase and right there in the box, ready for duty!

Keeping your baby safe and happy is ALWAYS our number one priority. Thank YOU for helping us do that the best way we know how. We’ll keep building quality furniture; you keep taking the extra step at the end of an exhausting day to make sure it gets attached to the wall.

And hopefully, together, we can work our way toward 100% anti-tip safety in every house where babies and toddlers play! With a solution this simple, there’s nothing to stop us from making a future where furniture tipping accidents are a thing of the past - a future where every #dadadamoment is safe, secure, and tip-free.