Brand new brains, it turns out, love the definition of black and white. Your baby’s newborn eyes have a much easier time focusing on simple patterns with high contrast, and black and white designs help them explore new textures and shapes with ease. Studies show that black and white toys and décor might even stimulate little ones’ learning and creativity, and the bonus on top of the bonus?

Black and white décor can be absolutely beautiful.
We’re always on a mission to make sure you and baby have nursery furniture options that suit your style and foster health and well-being, and we’re delighted to introduce the newest addition to our dadada family – the Kenton Collection! Named for one of Portland, Oregon’s unapologetically funky neighborhoods, the Kenton Collection is ALL about high contrast and clean lines that look beautiful and help your small space function well.
The Kenton 3-in-1 Crib features geometric lines with just the perfect touch of funk in high contrast black and white, giving your baby plenty of angles to explore and shapes to learn. Like all of our cribs, The Kenton is made in Italy by industry-leading furniture artisans who have been in the business of safe, sturdy construction for nearly a century. Though its design is undeniably modern, the Kenton is built to be an heirloom; wholly ready to meet your family’s needs for years to come.
The Kenton 3-Drawer Dresser is a deliberately streamlined masterpiece, with three oversized drawers to tuck all your nursery supplies neatly away. Angular black metal legs echo the Kenton Crib, and together, they elevate any nursery’s style to new heights of funk and function.
Your baby’s first few months are all about discovery – first fuzzy visions, first ideas, first big connections. If a little black and white might help them find something to focus on, we’re all for it. Here’s to every tiny genius just starting to develop their very own sense of funky, fabulous style!