Between showers, shopping, and sweet gifts from friends, you’re pretty likely to collect an overwhelming number of adorable onesies, hats, and tiny socks before baby arrives. The key to a streamlined first few months of parenthood? An organized storage space in your nursery where all your essentials are easy to find and reach.

You need a fantastic dresser.
The right dresser can serve as a changing station, store all of baby’s sweet belongings, and help you have more fun, make more memories, and spend less time hunting for supplies. Here are our favorite tips to keep in mind when you’re planning the perfect dresser for your nursery.
1. Invest in quality. Your new little one is the MOST precious, and you don’t want to worry about stability or tipping for a minute. Look for a dresser designed to be secure, with hardware to attach it to the wall. Bonus points for drawers that are sturdily designed to close quietly and last for years. We may be biased, but we love the new Tribeca 6- Drawer Dresser, made with our unrelenting commitment to quality and practically dripping with style. Have you seen those leather drawer pulls? Check it out here. (link)
2. Use drawer dividers. Tiny baby clothes are… well, tiny, and they have a tendency to get lost in big, roomy drawers. Drawer dividers are an affordable, easy way to keep everything in its place. You can find them most places storage supplies are sold, or get creative and DIY with all those gift boxes and baby shoeboxes you’ve been collecting!
3. Roll or file fold baby’s clothes. Thanks to the KonMari trend (and good old common sense), the days of stacking folded items have come to an end. Roll baby clothes, or file fold them and stand them on end, so you can see everything when you open the drawer and grab whatever you need on the fly!
4. Save space with a changing table/dresser combo. Have limited space in your nursery? Combine two large pieces of furniture into one by safely mounting a changing station on top of your dresser. Make sure your dresser is wide enough to safely support the changing pad, and that the pad is securely fastened in place! Remember to never leave baby unattended on a changing table – you never know when that first roll might happen!
5. Keep diapers and diaper supplies in a top drawer. Designate one easy-to-reach drawer to store diapers, wipes, ointments, and cleaning cloths so you’ll never be caught at the changing table without the supplies you need.
6. Labels help sitters and friends. To help your new, beautifully organized dresser STAY beautifully organized, consider labeling drawers. That way, babysitters, grandparents, friends, older siblings, and less-organized partners can find what they need easily and help put clean laundry away!
Wishing you the very happiest, most organized, most irresistibly adorable nesting!