Every Memorial Day, we remember those who have lost their lives in service. As families raising young children, one of the most poignant ways we can honor the lost is by actively practicing presence with our own families and communities.


Cultivating meaningful moments can feel like a big task for a weekend so often benchmarked by BBQs and beach trips (though we love those too!), so we thought we’d suggest a few simple ways you and your young family can connect with remembrance, service, and love while you enjoy your time together.

A moment to bring the past into your present spaces. (Kids ages 0-4)
Create a space in your nursery to remember a family member who is no longer with you. Have your little one help you craft a frame to hold a photo, whether they’re painting or volunteering a hand to make a sweet print. Find a bit of room on a high shelf for a cherished heirloom, or work together to draw your own portraits of your loved one. While you create the space, share simple stories about the person you’re honoring. For example: “Grandma LOVED strawberries, just like you! What other fruits do you love?”
A moment to lift up your village. (Kids ages 4 – Teen)
A lot of love and sacrifice has gone into creating the communities where we’re raising our little ones. Show some love back to those spaces by finding a way to show love to your village as a family. Go on a “Clean Streets” walk to pick up pieces of trash, color a beautiful sidewalk chalk mural on your driveway with messages of encouragement for the neighbors, or share your appreciation with local business by making thank you cards or cookies to share.
A moment for new memories. (All ages)
Even if your weekend is already full, carve out a few moments to reach out to a grandparent, great aunt, or other older relative and share some joy and gratitude with them. We’ve all had more separation than ever these past 14 months, and all of us could use a little more connection. Surprise someone with a porch visit or a face time call and spend some intentional moments reminding them just how loved and precious they are.
A little extra time with family this weekend is a gift – let’s celebrate every moment! Share the moments you create with us on social media using #dadadamoment so we can join you while you remember and make new memories.
We are grateful, today and every day, for those who have given their lives in service. We send our love and gratitude to their surviving families. May this weekend bring you rest, joy, and peace.