Have you ever walked through Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood? Everywhere you look, industrial relics blend with modern elements to create a vibe that’s both vintage and modern, old and new. The overall feeling is artistic, a little unconventional, and full of heart. It’s a great look for a village and an even better one for your nursery.

Want to achieve a little bit of that Chelsea magic in your own space? Here are four tips for seamlessly mixing vintage finds with new materials for a nursery that’s both timeless and entirely your own.
1. Balance safety and style. When deciding which pieces to buy new and which to go vintage, keep in mind modern safety requirements, teething little ones, and small pieces on older toys.
Pair a new crib with baby-safe finishes and 360-degree airflow with a vintage sign you can hang out of reach on the wall or an heirloom quilt that’s soft and beautiful with a new rocker designed for comfort. New toys for play, vintage toys for display!
2. Decide on a common thread. The key to making a bunch of different items feel like they belong together? Make sure they all have at least one shared element. It could be a color palette, like pastels, or a theme, like woodland or pop-art.
Having an overall plan that links all the different parts together will help your nursery feel less like a thrift shop and more like a work of art
3. Choose wildly different over almost the same. Items that have strong contrast look more “together” than items that are a slight mismatch. If you have pieces that almost-but-not-quite match, consider painting or replacing one with a completely different color instead!
4. Invest in a few quality pieces that will last. Our brand new Chelsea 3-in-1 Crib is designed to walk the tightrope between vintage and modern, with clean bright white lines paired with natural beech wood legs that you can build your own both/and vibe around.
Made in Italy, with our baby-safe finishes and commitment to impeccable quality, the Chelsea 3-in-1 converts to a toddler or daybed with the addition of our easy-to-use conversion kit. It’s the perfect eye-catching piece to anchor your blend of old and new magic.
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