Trade shows are a necessary part of the retail/product industry, but they can create a TON of waste. After the connections are made, the brand deals are signed, and the IG photos are posted, what happens to all that extra product? At this year’s ABC Kids Expo, modern baby and toddler furniture company dadada Baby partnered with Delivering Good to make sure none of the quality-crafted furniture from their display went to waste. Instead, it’s headed exactly where it belongs - into the nurseries and homes of new families who need it.

Delivering Good is a non-profit organization committed to helping kids and families by connecting retailers with the people who need their products most. By facilitating the donation of barely-used items from events like the ABC Expo, Delivering Good is able to furnish, clothe, and provide toys for millions of families across all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Partnering with Delivering Good was simple. At the end of the trade show, representatives from the organization came by and collected over $10,000 worth of furniture and products that dadada Baby wanted to donate. From just this single partnership at this one trade show, 4 dressers, 5 cribs, 6 toddler towers, a toddler bed, a bookshelf, decorative accessories, crib mattresses, towels, baskets, changing trays, changing pads, and a ton of small items (like much-needed diapers and wipes) will find their way to families in need.

After some of the most difficult years in history for families around the world, it’s the little things that matter most. dadada Baby is grateful to Delivering Good for the opportunity to share some safety, beauty, and love with more precious little ones and the families who love them most.

About dadada Baby:

Dadada Baby believes that modern parents desire and deserve the opportunity to invest in furniture that aligns with their values. With over 80 years of experience in the furniture industry, dadada Baby cribs, dressers, and rocking chairs are crafted in Italy with all the beauty and care of classic Italian design, merged with a modern sensibility, baby-safe technology, and eco-awareness that make them the perfect timeless purchase for today’s parents and caretakers. In a culture becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of disposable, poorly constructed products, dadada Baby pieces provide an opportunity for families to make an eco-minded investment without compromising on style.

Products are available for order now online at a variety of independent retail establishments or visit to find a retailer closest to you.