Congratulations, parents-to-be!! Finding out you’re pregnant may have been long awaited, totally surprising, or somewhere in between, but one thing is certain: now that it’s time to share the wonderful news with your friends and family, you want to make the moment memorable. We know you’ve got plenty on your mind, so we took some time to compile a list of a few of our favorite pregnancy reveal ideas.

Hopefully, these unexpected ways to say “we’re expecting” will inspire you to create a pregnancy reveal memory your family will look back on with a little laughter, a few tears, and a whole lot of love.

The Mom & Dad Gear Slow-burn Reveal

Have a little fun seeing how observant your friends and family are by casually incorporating subtle Mom & Dad gear into normal, everyday events. Have a friend over for coffee and drink yours from a “World’s Best Mom” mug. Buy yourself a necklace that says “mama” and wear it over to your in-laws house for dinner. Don a “Dad” baseball cap for a hike with friends, or casually leave a few parenting books lying around. Have a fur-baby you love? Involve them with a big sibling bandana and watch the reveal when they go in for a good snuggle from your sister.

Sprinkle subtle and not-so-subtle hints around your life and have fun seeing how long it takes your loved ones to catch on and do your best to capture their reaction when they do!

The Family Photo Fake-Out

At a family gathering, tell everyone you’d like to take a family photo. Gather them all together and pretend to set your phone time for a still shot while secretly setting it to video and hitting record. Tell your family to say cheese on the count of three, but when the time comes, yell “We’re having a baby!” instead, and watch folks try to figure out what’s just happened.

Years later, you can share with your little one the video of the moment all your loved ones found out they were on the way!

The Bottom-of-the-Mug Reveal

One of our favorite custom product reveals! Order mugs with “You’re going to be a grandma/grandpa/aunt/uncle” printed on the inside bottom of the mug. Serve your family member’s coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, and enjoy the anticipation while you wait to see who finishes first and discovers the secret good news hiding under the last sip!

The Whisper Challenge Reveal

If your family is the boardgame sort, tell grandparents-to-be you’d like to play a new game that you think they’re going to love. Tell them their job is to repeat what you’re saying. Hand them some noise-cancelling headphones and play music for them while you whisper: “We’re going to be grandparents.” Keep going until they are yelling the correct phase and realize what the words really mean. Don’t forget to set up your phone to record so you can watch and share their reactions for years to come.

The Unique Geekery Reveal

Do your friends and family know you to be a sports fanatic, huge Harry Potter buff, or major Sci-Fi fan? Incorporate your signature passion into your reveal! Custom onesies and other baby gear can be found for just about any hobby or passion. Maybe it’s a photo of your golf clubs next to a tiny toddler golf set, an ultrasound photo tucked into a Golden Snitch, or the children’s book adaptation of your favorite novel. Whatever makes your family unique, use that love to celebrate your new, best love on the way!

Remember: when, how, and with whom you decide to share the news of your pregnancy is COMPLETELY up to you. There’s no correct time or correct way to celebrate – but you DO deserve to celebrate in a big way. We’d love to see what you come up with! If your pregnancy reveal turns into a memorable moment, please share with us by using the #dadadamoment.

Speaking of sharing news, we have some exciting news of our own: we’re expecting!! dadada is thrilled to welcome our new Brand Ambassador, Kailan! Kailan, her husband Dean, and their Goldendoodle, Spud (pictured above), are expecting to welcome their first baby in just a few short weeks. They’ve invited us to follow their journey into new parenthood, and we’ll be checking in with Kailan on everything from what’s on their registry and nursery wishlist to real-life notes from the motherhood field as she navigates her first year with her daughter.

Welcome, Kailan! We can’t wait to share this journey with you!

And once more time before we go – our absolute warmest and most sincere congratulations to all of you expecting parents! This journey you’re beginning is a beautiful one, and we’re so happy to be here for you every step of the way.