At dadada, we believe every moment matters:


First Day - On May 10th, 2020, a dream comes true: dadada is born.

First Words - We officially launched into the US market as a brand. 

First Friendships - We built our customer network profile

First Award - We receive our GREENGUARD and GREENDUARD GOLD certifications for environmental excellence.

First Ambassadors - We expand our team to welcome real, parent-influencers with valuable first baby perspectives. 

First Growth Spurt – We launch a gorgeous new wave of products that help to elevate nursery style across the US.

First Steps (Literally!) - Our Learning Tower dream becomes a reality and launches a whole new chapter of #dadadamoments 

First ABC - And now, here we are - at our first official ABC Show!

Every moment matters!
Let's build babies a beautiful place to begin.