Spring is on the way, and whether you’re awaiting the arrival of a new baby or tackling spring cleaning with a toddler in tow, it’s the perfect time for a nursery décor refresh that even the bees will buzz about! 

Since your spring to-do list is probably packed with park trips, vacation planning, and valiant attempts to get work done when the sun is finally shining, we thought we’d do the homework for you! So for this week’s blog, we’ve compiled our favorite spring nursery trends for 2022, complete with easy ways that you can incorporate them to update your existing nursery décor.

The Trend: Go Au Naturel

This year’s spring style is all about natural accents, textures, and touches that bring warmth and life to a space. Adding a glimpse of woodgrain, a woven straw pattern, or a touch of soft wool to your nursery space immediately conjures up a sense of calm. For inspiration, think of the way your pulse relaxes when you watch tree branches sway, or stand barefoot in the grass. That grounded sense of well-being is exactly the feeling to bring into the room you and baby frequent most!

The Tips:

To add some good-natured vibes to your nursery, try the following simple ideas:

  1. Bring in the baskets! We all know a nursery can NEVER have too much storage, so feed two birds with one scone by increasing your shelf or closet capacity with naturally textured woven baskets. Use larger baskets to store diapers, extra bedding, or toys, or smaller baskets for changing station essentials, hair accessories, or tiny socks!
  2. Look for natural wood details. If you haven’t found the perfect nursery furniture just yet, consider clean, modern shapes with natural wood accents to bring a little of the outdoors in. Our Chelsea crib is a great choice for just a pop of wood tone, or go all-in with the all-natural beechwood Austin.
  3. Add hints of leather or macrame. For a quick and easy (and affordable!) solution, add texture with a macrame wall hanging, leather drawer pulls, or sweet natural material toys. Because both textures have been trending for a while, they’re easy to find and quick to incorporate into your personal style!

The Trend: Get Your Greens

Green is the not-so-secret hero of just about any spring color pallet, but did you know it’s also THE primary color trend for nurseries in 2022? In color theory, green is known for its calming qualities and used to cultivate rest, which makes it an ideal candidate to inspire sweet baby sleep. Whether you opt for a deep emerald, a bright pop of lucky shamrock, a mellow olive, or a cheery pop of lime, green is a gender-neutral, sleep-positive, on-trend choice that can’t go wrong.

The Tips:

To add some green goodness to your nursery, try the following simple ideas:

  1. Embrace the color of the year! Sherwin-Williams color of the year is Evergreen Fog, a soft, graying green that pretty much insists on a restful nap. Use it for an accent wall, an entire room, a nursery door, or even on the floorboards – anywhere you want to add a moment of calm.
  2. Bring in the houseplants. You know all those plants you learned to take care of during quarantine? Help them find new homes in the nursery! Keep plants on shelves or surfaces that are out of baby’s reach, and make sure they are kid-friendly (no spikes, thorns, or toxins allowed.) Live plants can help improve air quality and take your nursery space from blah to blooming in no time at all!
  3. Use a pop of paper. Speaking of blooming, what better time than spring to add a bright burst of floral wallpaper to the nursery? Paper a wall in poppies, or line baby’s drawers with daffodils. Consider chrysanthemums for the closet, or frame a few floral samples for all the cute and none of the commitment! Today’s wallpapers are easy to install and easy to remove – no mess, no fuss, tons of flowery flare!

The Trend: Over the Modern Rainbow

Nothing says springtime like a rainbow peeking through the clouds! For modern nurseries, consider a non-traditional rainbow color scheme. Pastel rainbow creates a prism-pale, magical vibe, with deep tertiary-colored rainbows are right on trend with this season’s rich jewel tones. Rainbows in neutral hues are a great option for minimalists or simplified modern brights (think three stripes instead of seven) for those who love the punch of rainbow color with just a little less chaos.

The Tips:

To create a rainbow connection in your nursery, try the following simple ideas:

  1. Fill the walls with rainbow brights. From Etsy to big box retailers and back again, rainbow art is easy to find, and the quickest way to bring a little luck into your nursery. We love the sweet muted tones in this wall hanging, the retro vibe of this tapestry, and the peaceful pastels in these prints.
  2. Add in rainbow accessories. Why stop with wall hangings when the world is full of rainbow magic. This mobile is an adorable addition, every baby deserves rainbow crib sheets, and who could resist this silicone rainbow stacker?
  3. Mix and match. You don’t need literal rainbows to create a nursery that embraces a rainbow state of mind. Mix and match bedding, stuffed animals, books, and clothes to create DIY rainbows on the shelves, in the closet, and tucked into every comfy corner!

What are your favorite nursery décor trends for spring? Share them with us using the #dadadaspringnursery – we can’t wait to see!