Last month, dadada Baby partnered with our friends at DaVinci and Modern Nursery on a giveaway to honor one of the most important things new parents need - friendship! Across social media platforms, we asked you to nominate a friend, and you did! Hundreds of you took the time to nominate a new parent you thought truly deserved a little win.

And one of you (yay Sadikka!) - gave your friend an incredible gift: a prize package that included a Davinci Baby Crib, the brand new dadada Baby Gramercy 5-Drawer Dresser, and organic cotton crib sheets from Modern Nursery!

Our giveaway winner, Naheeda, was thrilled to be nominated by her best friend, and so surprised - she’s never won anything before! Just last year, Naheeda, her husband, and their then 3 children were finally able to move to the US after six years of navigating the paperwork and planning necessary to immigrate from Afghanistan. When they arrived, they immediately found out Naheeda was pregnant, and their beautiful 4th child, a baby boy, was born in June! Naheeda calls him her miracle baby.

Naheeda’s smallest son has a neutral colored nursery, and her new crib and dresser will fit right in with their family’s style. When we asked Naheeda which products and advice she finds especially helpful for new parents, here’s what she told us:

“I absolutely love the Diaper Genie and my Sammy & Lou Diaper Caddy! Every new parent needs a good diaper bag they love. And my son is a big fan of the the Tommee Tippee Extra Slow Flow Newborn bottles - they make my life so much easier!  

The best piece of advice is one a friend of mine is always repeating: take it one day at a time. I tend to be all over the place trying to finish everything at once. It’s a great reminder to slow down and enjoy every moment!”

Congratulations, Naheeda! We’re so happy for you and your big nursery win! Congratulations on your new home, new nursery, and newest little one. All our love to you and your family.