For the first few months of parenting, overwhelm is high and rest is at a premium. When you’re exhausted, giddy, hormonal, and getting to know a brand new human, sometimes the smallest details can mean the difference between a good moment and a stressful one. A nursery that feels like it’s working FOR you, not AGAINST you, is on our list of absolute new baby essentials.

We’re firm believers that your baby’s nursery should be a stress-free zone – a place you feel rested, cared for, and surrounded by beauty and joy. With that in mind, we wanted to share five of our favorite design hacks to help keep your nursery the sort of fun, functional space that you and your little one deserve!

Skip the changing table.

Nursery space is precious – there’s no need for a single-use piece of furniture when a dual-purpose option is available! With a kit or some creativity, convert your dresser top to a changing table. You’ll get all the upsides of a stand alone changing table, plus a ton of extra drawer space and a piece that will be practical long after the diaper days are over. Use the square footage you’ll save for extra play space or a chic rocking chair! We’re partial to the Weeble – check it out here.

Keep major pieces neutral.

Your baby is going to grow and change fast. By keeping your key furniture pieces in neutral, natural tones, you gain the flexibility to decorate with pops of colorful accessories or paint that’s easy to change as baby gets older or your style evolves. Natural materials and neutral palettes create a sense of rest and relaxation, and are easy to repurpose in the future for siblings!

Maximize vertical space.

When you feel like you could use a little extra nursery storage, think up! Take advantage of the vertical space available to get the most out of the room you have. Hanging door organizers can hold swaddling blankets, shoes, diapers, or accessories. High shelves add baby-proof, long-term storage for clothes that don’t fit yet, toys they need to grow into, and overflow supplies. An extra closet bar doubles hanging space for tiny outfits, and hanging fabric shelves and inserts allows you to camouflage even MORE gear.

Hang outfits together.

To save yourself a little time and sanity, group complete outfits for baby together in the closet. Instead of storing pants in one place, onesies in another, match up sets and let them share a hanger so you can reach in and grab an adorable outfit easily, even after the most sleepless nights. Make sure to keep clothes that don’t fit quite yet tucked away for the time being, so that every option you have on hand is a quick and easy win.

Invest in convertible furniture.

Every moment with your little one is precious, especially because they tend to fly by! Choose furniture options that will grow with your child. Convertible cribs, repurposable dressers, and other non-nursery specific items help you both save money in the long run AND save yourself the stress of having to design the nursery all over again in just a few quick months.

What are your favorite nursery design secrets? Share your tips and tricks with us by tagging us on IG, or using the #dadadamoment! We can’t wait to see the beautiful things that inspire you!