Listen, we know there are days with toddlers when it feels like an eternity between breakfast and bedtime. Armed with all the books, blocks, and Cocomelon episodes they can stand, even the best parents find themselves staring into the afternoon void, wondering how on earth they’re going to keep their little one entertained until it’s time to be tucked in.

We’ve been there. And because November is all about gratitude, and we can’t think of anything we’re more grateful for than the families who invite dadada baby into their lives, we wanted to do our part to help parents defeat the afternoon toddler activity slump! So we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Thankful Toddler Activities from around the internet, in hopes that they might help make fall’s rainy days and chilly temps just a little bit easier.

Without further ado - here are a few fun ways to pass the time with your toddler!

Make Pumpkin Playdough you can Eat. This yummy recipe lets toddlers get their hands messy without parents having to worry what winds up getting nibbled on. Use your dadada Baby Toddler Tower to give little ones a boost up to the kitchen counter for extra easy clean-up!

Craft a Fall Leaf Wreath. Take a walk around the block to collect the most colorful fall leaves you can find, then let your toddler go glue-stick wild and make a beautiful decoration for your front door!

This Color Match Turkey is a craft AND a game! Toddlers make an adorable rainbow turkey first, then use it to practice their colors and sorting skills. We’re big fans of a craft that keeps on giving.

Play with feathers. A set of “turkey” feathers makes a wonderful toddler sensory toy. Use them to decorate playdough turkeys, decorate an upside-down colander, or just have a few giggles tickling family members!

Involve older siblings in a game of Turkey Tag! All you’ll need is a few clothespins and a few extra feathers - here’s to getting kids up and running to burn off some of that extra stuck-inside fall energy!

Make some Fork Feather Art. Use your Toddler Tower to make sure your child has access to the whole kitchen table, then let them get to work with washable paint on a giant turkey tail canvas! 

Start a Corn Shaker Band. All you need is your recycling bin and some un-popped popcorn to inspire tiny percussionists to get in touch with their groovy side! When you’re done making music, pop the corn for snack time!

Practice gratitude. Turn thankfulness into a game that might someday become a beneficial self-care practice by helping toddlers think of three things they are happy about every day. Create a ritual by sharing your gratitude at the same time every day or get crafty by writing your joys down on colorful craft paper turkey tail feathers!

Bring some sweet Pinecone Turkeys to life! Toddlers might need a little help with the googly-eye gluing, but you’ll be left with an extra adorable holiday table centerpiece.

Keep them occupied at the dinner table with these printable placemats. Just add a few crayons - and don’t forget to print a few extra for the grown-ups! Coloring tends to be contagious.

We’d love to see the creative ways you’re using your dadada Baby Toddler Tower this fall and upcoming holiday season. If you haven’t yet, come follow us on Instagram @dadadababyusa for more activity, nursery, and style inspiration, and share your favorite toddler moments with us using the #dadadamoments