your baby is our favorite work of art

From the careful intention they choreograph into cautious steps to the musical lilt in their first few giggles, every moment with your little one is a canvas waiting to be painted with memories. Some moments are quiet, blues and grays and tired eyes, others are washed in a Technicolor rainbow of joy. But in every small memory made in every long day, your little one is painting a new picture of the world – the world they are learning, and the world they’ll someday change.


Every artist deserves a resting space that inspires them, and we designed our Soho 2-in-1 Convertible Crib to be a safe and comfortable respite for your little Picasso. Clean, modern lines provide the base for the imaginative nursery of your dreams, and with the addition of our easy-to-use conversion kit, Soho will grow along with baby all the way through the toddler years. We’ve crafted this beautifully modern crib in four colors classic enough to let your creativity run wild, with our usual standards for quality construction that guarantee its place in your collection of family heirlooms.


It’s the perfect snooze-studio for your most precious artwork.

Soon enough, there will be finger paints and crayon on the walls. There will be dozens and dozens of coloring book pages, chalkboard dust, and a lot of scrubbing when they first discover felt-tipped markers. But for now, before they start making art of their own, your baby is their own perfectly designed piece of artwork – full of light and new colors, changing the way you see the world.


We’re happy to be a piece of the beautiful life you’re creating. 

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