don’t forget to care for YOU

The one thing that your baby needs more than a good crib, or the perfect swaddling blanket, more than a consistant schedule or the right amount of tummy time, is a well-rested, supported, and thriving parent. Self-care is essential to child-care, and we’re always here to remind you that YOU are the MVP in your baby’s life.

You are incredibly important to your little one’s well-being.

In case you needed someone to tell you to stop, drop, and care for yourself today, here’s a list of simple self-care moments you can complete in just a handful of spare minutes. Make sure you try one before bedtime, because you are worth it, and because you are incredibly important to your little one’s well-being.

Take five

With baby in a safe and secure location, let yourself find a quite space to stop, sit in a comfortable position, and take five slow, deep, intentional breaths. Close your eyes, count to ten as you inhale and exhale, and work on connecting to your senses. What do you feel? What do you smell? What do you hear?


Indulge those senses

Light a candle or put on your favorite scent. Peel a fresh orange and let the citrus smell invade the kitchen. Take an extra-long, warm shower with your favorite products, and don’t come out until the steam is thick and your muscles have relaxed a bit. Ask a friend or partner to bring you your favorite food. Small moments of pleasure are a simple way to remember that you, too, are a person who matters, and to start to feel more like yourself again.


Ask for help

Intentionally think of one thing you can ask a partner, an older child, or a friend to do just for you today. Maybe it’s a backrub from your partner, or your seven-year-old making you a sandwich for lunch. Maybe it’s an encouraging phone call with a relative or flowers delivered by a friend to brighten your living room. Whatever you ask for, practice ASKING and allowing yourself to be cared for today.


You are essential, and this new parenting journey is long, winding, joyful, and exhausting. Don’t forget to get in the habit of taking care of you while you take care of your baby. You are in this together, and we’re here for you both all the way.

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