creating your oasis of calm

As dadada takes our first steps into the world, we’re meeting parents at a time in history full of unprecedented anxiety, new boundaries, and lots of unknowns. The COVID-19 pandemic has left so many of us feeling unsure of what the next best steps are for ourselves and for baby. Parenting was already complicated, but this is a whole new world.


While we can’t answer many of the questions we’re all facing, we can offer you the thing we’re best at – the opportunity to create a calm, safe, serene space in your home. We want you and your little one to have a resting place where you’ll feel completely secure and surrounded by beauty. We’re all spending considerably more time at home these days, many of us with a few more people home alongside us, and having an oasis where you and baby can retreat is more essential than ever.


Since we’re new here, we thought we’d share three ways dadada can help you create your own oasis:

1. We’ve got an eye for design.

Our young, endlessly creative design team is fully committed to making pieces that contribute to the serenity of your home. Natural materials that feel as beautiful as they look, airy designs that breathe and bring brightness into your nursery, and modern styles that adapt to suit your own personal aesthetic are central to our mission. Our pieces are made to be and stay beautiful, and we hope they’ll make the nursery your favorite room in the house.

2. Your safety matters.

Having been in the furniture business since 1932 allows us to partner with established Italian manufactures who are willing and equipped to keep our commitment to the latest and best baby safety the absolute top priority. Non-toxic, baby-safe finishes, sustainably sourced, eco-friendly materials, and quality construction mean you can relax and take a deep breath at home, knowing your little one is safe and surrounded by the utmost care.

3. You deserve ease!

All of our designs are crafted to be easy to clean, easy to care for, and are intended to last for generations. We want to help support you in your desire to be responsible consumers – no disposable furniture here. Wherever these uncertain times take you, our durable designs will be there for your family.


We hope we can be something you’re sure about as you embark on parenting in the midst of so much change. May you find rest and serenity in your new baby’s nursery, and may it give you a safe place to retreat to for years and years to come.


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