We’re convinced there’s nothing in the world more exciting than a new baby. But before the joyful homecoming, before we start counting first smiles and giggles, there are long months of waiting, and wondering, and our personal favorite…nesting!

Designing your baby’s first room is a once-in-a-lifetime task, and we know it matters now more than ever to create a safe, restful, beautiful space for you and your baby to thrive. Our design team keeps you and baby at the center of everything we build – how you’ll move through the space, the products you’ll be using, the late nights you’ll be up bonding, and the hundreds of small ways we can make every moment just a little easier, a little more intentional, a little bit more yours.

When you close your eyes and picture your baby’s nursery, how does it feel? Is it bright, and airy, full of natural materials that are soft to the touch and completely baby safe? Does it echo your style and give you a sense of luxury, even in the middle of those 2am half-asleep feedings? Are you surrounded by tools that help you relax and care for baby, fully confident in the quality of the crib, or dresser, or rocking chairs that help you hold them?

Our designers begin their process here, in your vision for a nursery that truly honors your values and style. They combine the beauty you desire with a commitment to safety and sustainability. They do not compromise on quality, choosing durable materials and components that are environmentally friendly and able to withstand decades of use. They design and redesign to optimize small pieces with maximum storage and the most convenient functionality. They take these dreams and partner with our Italian factory, whose near century of experience in furniture craftsmanship ensures that your vision for your nursery is matched by the quality of the products we provide.

Our designers are also inspired by a vision of the future for your little one. The earth and her precious resources, our desire to protect wild spaces and beautiful landscapes for our children, and the resilient determination of the human spirit are all present in the simplicity of our designs. They inform every material choice, every color and technique, and every modern line of our pieces.

Whether your vision for your baby’s nest is classic and traditional or sleek and modern, there’s an expertly, ethically crafted dadada piece waiting to be incorporated into your design. There’s nothing in the world more exciting than a new baby, but while we’re waiting, let’s work together to build the nursery of your dreams!

What the use will be like…
How the bed will look…
How the dresser will be designed…
What pictures will be hung…
So our experienced designers…

combine the latest design of the collection with a significant emphasis on safety and suitability for the baby environment. They do not compromise the quality and durability of the products over time, choose high-quality materials and components that are environmentally friendly, robust and stable and optimized for maximum storage for convenient use. Working with the bedding factory in Italy allows them to always implement all dreams under the understanding that safety and quality are paramount.

Choosing inspirations to design the new collection draws on the world’s leading trends that are influenced by events and attitudes that are happening around us.

The concern for the future of the earth and its resources, water resources, huge-scale fires that occur in various parts of the world, the land as a source of food or open space in daily life, the mood that represents the human spirit, and less the physical aspect of profit, are the elements that have inspired this collection.

All of these are reflected in formal choices that are appropriate for the nursery space, the colors, the technique and the materials that are integrated into the collection.

Therefore, the collection was designed with an understanding of the long-term use of the products, combined with a minimalist design in which appropriate long-term solutions were added that also represent a trend of prudent and responsible consumerism that we are part of.

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