3 simple reasons to rock your baby

Listen, you know it, and we know it too – the parenting world is FULL of unsolicited advice. What to feed your baby, how to diaper them, which swaddle to use, whether you should swaddle at all, should you teach sign language, should you let her cry it out, should you let strangers hold him, baby-lead weaning or baby food and should they be signed up for preschool by now?

We’re exhausted just listing this mess.

In a world of overwhelming advice, pros, cons, and to-do lists, sometimes it’s nice to be affirmed that your instincts are correct. Sometimes, it helps to hear that the thing you do naturally is GOOD, and right, and healthy. Which is why we’re here to offer a few simple affirmations for something we’re all biologically, naturally inclined to do – rock our babies.


You’ve seen it happen. Hand an adult a baby, and in no time, they’re bouncing, swaying, and dancing like no one’s watching. Instinctively, we KNOW in our bones that gentle motion is soothing for the newest members of our human experience.


Whether you’re on the go with baby in a carrier, dancing your fussy little one through the hallway, or sharing some gentle, soothing time in your shamelessly stylish Weeble Rocking Chair (see what we did there?), here are three science-backed reasons why rocking your little one is EXACTLY what you should be doing.


1. It helps their brand-new developing nervous system relax.

In Psychology Today’s The Neuroscience of Calming Baby, Christopher Bergland writes: “Scientists have known for years that the cerebellum is directly linked to a feedback loop with the vagus nerve which keeps heart rate slow and gives you grace under pressure. As adults, we can calm ourselves by practicing mindfulness and meditation, which puts the cerebellum at peace and creates a parasympathetic response of well-being. This appears to be the same response that occurs in infants when they are being carried.” In studies ranging from baby mice to baby humans, little ones are noticeably calmer in the gentle rocking motion of a caretakers arms.


2. Snuggles create oxytocin, which is good for BOTH of you.

Oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone,” is produced through human touch, skin-to-skin contact, and the chest-to-chest positioning that happens when you rock your little one. Oxytocin helps to form and cement the bond between you and your baby, as well as creating and overall sense of calm for you both.


3. Relaxed babies and comfortable caretakers = quality time to bond.

The more quiet, relaxed time you can spend with your baby in the chaos of newborn parenting life, the better, and rocking creates an environment where the two of you can be together, focus on each other, and thrive. What more is there?There’s no better place to escape from the endless parenting advice and pressure than a quiet corner of the nursery, snuggled up together in a peaceful spot that’s just for you. We hope our Weeble Rocking Chair can help create this safe space for you, for the precious short time your little one is little, and for many years to come.


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