thank you small things

In a year so full of information to process and so empty of places to go, some of our most precious habits – good sleep, gratitude, connection – can be in short supply. Today, we’re stopping to thank the small things that have kept us going this year. Here’s to the simplest heroes. Here’s to the little joys.

Thank you, quiet corners. Thank you, late-night snuggles and restful house creaks. Thank you, tiny fingers wrapped around ours, thank

you silent rocking hours, thank you, carefully curated rooms. Thank you clean lines, thank you simplicity, thank you giggles slipping into the hours we’ve spent awake before dawn.


Thank you, coffee, and resilient sunrises. Thank you text message friendships always only a second away. Thank you long mornings where no one rushes to get out the door, thank you longer lingering over breakfast, thank you watching each other grow. Thank you ankle and wrist and elbow rolls, thank you Cheerios in the floorboards, thank you cats and dogs who carefully tolerate curious baby hands. Thank you ordinary chaos. Thank you for holding us here.


Thank you reason to rework our homes with intention. Thank you motivation to craft careful spaces that flow from home to school to work and back again. Thank you toys piled in the corner and laundry and emails handled simultaneously. Thank you, more coffee, thank you lunch breaks, thank you snack drawer and long showers and naps.


Thank you, memes and Facetime. Thank you laughter, thank you loved ones and family who laugh with us. Thank you space carved out for mourning, and loved ones who stay past the laughter to cry. Thank you DoorDashers, grocery workers, baristas, and servers who have helped our days feel more normal and kept us well fed. Thank you long afternoon walks. Thank you, neighbors who wave.


Thank you, moments, for keeping us moving one day to the next. Thank you, small things, for keeping us well.


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